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Thank you for visiting the Kentwood Maufacturing corporate website. Please see our product section or current mirror catalog for information and photos of our decorative wall, bathroom, and designer mirrors. Our available finishes include a variety of wood stains, metallic finishes, white, black and many other colors.

Our mirrors are sold only through selected retailers around the United States. Consumers are encouraged to contact us so we can put you in touch with a local dealer. Prospective dealers are also urged to contact us so that we may send you our latest catalog and account set-up information.

hospphotoLet us quote your next Hospitality Industry, Division 10 or any other Building Project requirements.

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Go Green

Kentwood Manufacturing practices conservation & recycling wherever possible. Our lumber suppliers are committed to achieving the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Standard Policy. Simply stated, it promotes scientifically, environmentally, socially and economically sustainable forestry practices. Sawdust from our operations is used by local farmers as animal bedding. Packaging materials and paper are recycled for reuse. Mirrors that do not meet our standards are recycled or donated to charities for use in low-income housing and fund-raising activities. Energy consumption is carefully monitored and initiatives for lowering usage are implemented.


OEM MirrorProducing for other manufacturers is also available. In addition to framed and frameless mirrors, we also produce frames for medicine cabinets, picture frames, cabinet doors, plaques, and several other wood & MDF products.