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Painted frame mirrors include metallic finishes like oil rubbed bronze, white mirrors, black mirrors, old world cream and antique finishes. Suitable to be used as bathroom mirrors or accent mirrors in other areas of your home.

Nickel painted metallic finish
Silver Cotswold mirror border pieces on top of clear mirror.
166 - Solid wood frame, oil rubbed bronze finish with glaze.
166: 19-1/2"w, 51-1/2"h

105: 25"w, 32"h
125: 25-1/2"w, 33-1/2"h
115: 21-1/2"w, 27-1/2"h
135: 28"w, 40"h

294: 27-1/2"w, 35-1/2"h
Beveled clear mirror border pieces on top of clear mirror.
Reeded mirror border pieces with clear beveled mirror corners 				on top of clear mirror.
Solid wood frame, yellow lotus painted finish.
272: 26-1/2"w, 34-1/2"h

263: 25"w, 33"h
275: 26"w, 34"h
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